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Groundhogs, redux.

Historically speaking, Groundhogs in their current form have been in existence for but a moment in time, yet their back story is extensive and varied. At the moment, their biography is somewhat sparse - but with that said, let's take a look at what we know so far - click on the dropdown bars to dig deeper...

Ken Pustelnik

From what has now become known as "The Classic Line-Up" of The Hogs, playing the Drummer role from the first Groundhogs album release and on through all their most successful releases: "Scratching The Surface" (1968), "Blues Obituary" (1969), "Thank Christ For The Bomb" (1970), "Split" (1971) and "Who Will Save The World" (1972). Ken has chosen musicians who can do justice to the material in The Groundhogs catalogue.

Latch Manghat

Bass player in the British band Gonga, Guitarist/Vocalist in The Rollbars and now the Bassist for Groundhogs. His style is heavy, dynamic and hard-driving, a perfect foil to the drumming in the rhythm section.

Sol Latif

A highly original Guitarist, Sol has a style which naturally lends itself to interpreting the unorthodox guitar parts which are part of the bands unique sound. He is also the Bass player in The Rollbars.

Chris D'avoine

From the band Mean Blue Monsters, formerly of the band Shiva and lead guitar player with Steve Payne and more, Chris is the highly skilled Guitarist and Vocalist of Groundhogs, an important element in a band rated for their standard of songwriting as well as their instrumental ability.